London Check-Out Report Ltd is a leading inventory company, providing high-quality check-out reports and other complimentary inventory services. We are located in London, serving all London areas and districts.

As an independent inventory firm, we strive to ensure that all our services are of impeccable quality.

Our clerks are professionally trained inventory experts, who are licensed to carry out check-out inspections by AIIC. London Check-Out Report Ltd is also a member of ICA.

Our services are booked by an sample spectrum of clients, personally and/or professionally involved in the rental sector. These are private landlords and tenants, property management companies and letting agents.

London Check-Out Report Ltd is primarily focused on preparing check-out reports, but we also offer:

  • Check-out reports – compiled at the end of every tenancy agreement recording the state of the rented property upon tenant’s departure. Both tenants and landlords are required to carry out such inspections and every check-out report has a legal bearing on any prospect rental claim on the part of the tenant or the landlord. The check-out report is a formal document comprised of written and visual documentation on the current state of the property, which is then checked against the check-in report to determine changes in the condition of the asset caused by the tenant.
  • Check- in reports – prepared at the beginning of the rental agreement, both landlords and tenants are required to carry out such inspection so that the tenancy deposit is secured in the event of property damage, loss or theft.
  • Mid-term inspections – Mid-term inspections – these are conducted at an equal time intervals, usually of customer’s choosing. The interim inspections provide an extremely detailed record of the property’s condition throughout the tenancy period.
  • Residential (home) inventory services – Inventory reports are prepared before the check-in report and are less detailed than the actual check-in inspection. Thus, the inventory is an overall inspection of your property, while the check-in report is aimed at recording the condition of the house and the contents which are to be used by the tenant.
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) – these certificates are legally required and every landlord should possess one if a legal let is going to take place. The EPC shows how energy efficient the rental property is.

All these services are complimentary to the check-out report, which is conducted at the end of the rental contract, when the state of the property as recorded in the check-in report is checked against the state described in the check-out report so that all damages caused by the tenant are fairly determined.

If you are having a tenant moving out and need a check-out report or any other inventory service, feel free to contact us on 020 3746 5609 or fill our contact form.